• Leicester 1 Chelsea 2 aet (FA cup QF)
    Vardy got our goal.
  • The rest of the season
    Well our season is now effectively over, cannot say I am overly fussed about a Europa league place so not arsed if we catch Burnley for 7th or not. So what I am hoping to see from Puel is some courage in developing the style of football he wants us to play, starting with dropping the players that cannot cope with it, namely Wes Morgan and Danny Simpson, if t […]
  • The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.
    As we're approaching that time of year again I thought I'd kick off the thread. Here's your starter for 10. View attachment 14115
  • New ex-players thread
    The old one's been closed, so let's start the new one with a big story. Alex Cisak...
  • Catering
    Im attending the fans forum on 12th regarding catering for 2018/19 . If anyone has any points or questions they want raising give us a shout.