• Leicester 2 Liverpool 0 (league cup)
    Okazaki and Slimani got the goals.
  • Football Room 101
    If there was a footballing room 101 what would you put in never to be seen in the game again? I'd put that lame jumping thing footballers do when they lift trophies. What is it for? Does anyone else do this random lame thing in their actual lives when something good happens?
  • Leicester City vs Liverpool - League
    so did anyone from last night earn a place in your starting line up for Saturday? Personally I'd like to see this team Schmeichel Simpson Dragovic Maguire Chilwell Mahrez Iborra NDidi Gray Okazaki Vardy‚Äč
  • Development Squad 2017/18
    It's the first Checkatrade match of the season tonight, at Fleetwood.
  • To be, or not to be? The Shakespeare thread.
    Feel free to plonk your point of view about Shakey in here. I think this deserves a thread of its own, as it's obviously a big discussion point on the forum. I'd rather the post match threads and gossip threads were just for that purpose. Yes, there may still be discussion about tactics etc relating to those games, which would still be better suite […]